30+ Classic Christmas Cartoons You Can Watch on YouTube

Every year, I so look forward to watching classic Christmas cartoons while the snow is falling, snuggling under a thick, puffy blanket with some hot chocolate and marshmallows, and just relaxing for a few hours straight. Some of my fondest memories of Christmas are of when we would gather as a family to watch all… Keep reading →

24 Meaningful and Frugal Family Christmas Traditions

Imagine spending Christmas Eve searching for a stranger to bring home for dinner, preferably someone who is homeless. That’s how we spent Christmas Eve as a family one year at the request of my out-of-state aunt who was in charge of the family Christmas party. Because she was out-of-state, she couldn’t fly in to organize… Keep reading →

5 Motivating Reasons to Make Your Family Yearbooks

Before I got married I could focus almost 100% on my own needs. That meant that I had plenty of time to journal, so I have lots and lots of memories captured through written word. Once I got married, I got into a serious slump and have written very little over the years. That’s why… Keep reading →

4 Tips for Meshing Christmas Traditions

This is our 7th Christmas as a married couple. We both come from completely different cultures and lifestyles, so our Christmas traditions couldn’t be further apart, but we’ve thoroughly enjoyed every Christmas season together. César comes from the southern hemisphere where Christmas is in Summer. That means his Christmas was more like our Independence Day… Keep reading →

36+ Affordable Handmade Gift Ideas for Young Children

Our Christmas last year was pretty stark…when it comes to gift-giving. César got me nil, I gave César a coupon book that I made (which he still has never used!), and we gave Sofía cozy pajamas and a pink rolling backpack that came with a bear. That’s it. We didn’t even have a tree until… Keep reading →