The Striking Similarities Between Parenting and Finances

Two of the main topics I write about on this blog are parenting and family finances (budgeting and more). I titled my blog Humble in a Heartbeat because I wanted to share my failures in both categories and give solutions we can all use to better ourselves. Although parenting and money are very different topics, I couldn’t help but notice recently just how similar they are in many respects.

Let’s explore these similarities!

Raising kids and managing the family finances are both very similar jobs!
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Parenting and Money Similarities

Raising children and budgeting are both works in progress. You will never have a perfect child, nor will you ever have a perfect budget. Obviously, it goes without saying, you can try and whip both into shape as much as possible, but nothing can ever be perfect.

Kids and handling the finances are both hard work! One day you feel like you are doing a great job, and then the next day something happens to blow everything off course.

Kids and money can both get in trouble if you aren’t watching them close enough. Kids are naturally curious, and my girls have definitely shown me that they are not going to give up in order to discover whatever they are after. If you don’t have a budget, your money can end up in somebody else’s pocket far too often. Keep an eye on both!

If you are doing both correctly, you can be prepared for the future. Your kids will one day be able to take care of you and so will your money when you retire. Ha!

One thing that derails many parents and budgeters is the fact that they can no longer do what they want when they want. In other words, it takes a ton of sacrifice to raise kids and reach your financial goals.  As a parent, you are limited in your activities by the child’s schedule. Same thing with money. You have to budget your money and be willing to give up a few things in order to see your financial goals happen.

Both kids and money need to be given a job. If you think that your kids will grow up and happily do chores, make their own beds, and get dressed all on their own every morning, you’ve watched way too many movies. You have to tell your kids what you expect of them and give them jobs around the house or they’re going to do what they want. Every.time. If you don’t have a budget, you NEED one. Telling your dollars what to do and giving them a job every month in your budget is a vital first step to reaching financial goals.

The more kids and money you have, the richer you are. Or at least I’ve heard!

My favorite similarity between being raising kids and finances is that they can both be very rewarding if you can learn from your mistakes and keep on improving. I am currently at the beginning of my journey with both parenting and learning more about all things money, but I am already starting to see how wonderful life is if you have the right intention for being a parent and handling your finances.

Do you agree with these similarities?

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  1. Ha! This is awesome! What a great comparison and one I would have never thought of myself.

    They can both get in trouble… that’s for sure!!

    Pinning this to my Deliberate Parenting board? Or my Deliberate Budget board… oh the dilemma!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

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