Mix and Match Love Language Date {Completely FREE and At Home!}

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Dating and spending freezes don’t mix, do they? Sure they do!! You can do a ton of stuff for completely FREE in the comfort of your own home.

This fun and free love language date night can be done over and over and never get old! Plus, you won't have to find a babysitter and you can do it all for absolutely FREE!© Rido / Dollar Photo Club

So, tonight, instead of going out and feeling like you should be spending money in some way, you’re going to stay home and have a free date night with your spouse. Deal?

Some of the best and most memorable date nights I’ve ever been on were also the simplest, mixed in with a little creativity.

I remember for our 3rd anniversary, we packed a picnic lunch and headed to a unique park in our area. Once there, we ate our lunch, walked around the park, and then we played some tennis. There was nothing particularly special about the date, but it’s still one of my favorites. I think it’s because we were spending a lot of quality time together, and quality time is my primary love language.

The Mix and Match Love Language Date

The first thing you will want to do for your date tonight is either get The 5 Love Languages book from the library (you may want to read the book together before doing this date) or go online and take the quizzes available so you and your spouse can figure out each other’s love languages.

5 Love Languages Quiz

When you get to The 5 Love Languages website, click the link that says, “Click here to begin” so you can get going with your quizzes.

The purpose of this love language date is to fill each other’s love tanks. It is so easy to forget how to love your spouse in their way and just use your own love language to try and do it. That only results in your spouse feeling unloved even though you are trying your best to show love. Knowing your spouse’s love language could possibly be the most important part of a healthy marriage.

Once you know the other’s love language, you can go through the list of absolutely free date ideas below that are based on each love language. To make it really fun, each of you should choose an idea from the category that is your spouse’s primary or secondary love language. Then it will be a complete surprise and you’ll have a totally fun mix and match date going on!

For example, if your spouse’s love language is Words of Affirmation and your love language is Gifts, then you could read love poems to your spouse while he makes a scrumptious dessert for you (and him of course!). Understand?

Great! Go for it!

Free Date Ideas for Quality Time

  • Cook together
  • Watch the sunrise/sunset or the lie under the night sky together
  • Carve a pumpkin, decorate the Christmas tree, or color Easter eggs (holiday/seasonal activities)
  • Color together
  • Set goals or make a dream board of everything you want to accomplish as a couple
  • Play a game
  • Have an indoor picnic
  • Play video games or watch sports
  • Make a funny, silly, or thought-provoking video together
  • Share a talent with your spouse
  • Look through photo albums
  • Do a puzzle
  • Play charades
  • Turn down the lights and have dinner or dessert by candlelight

Free Date Ideas for Acts of Service

  • Do something the other person has been asking you to do for a very long time
  • Get the house clean and spotless after the kids are in bed
  • Let the other person teach you something you don’t know
  • Bring your spouse breakfast in bed
  • Organize something together
  • Build something together
  • Menu plan together – write down each other’s favorite meals and start planning them a month in advance; next date night ask a neighbor with kids to watch your kids while you go shopping for all that food, then offer to watch their kids the next weekend.
  • Organize your photos either on the computer or tangibly
  • Detail the car

Free Date Ideas for Words of Affirmation

  • Tell the other person what they mean to you and how much you appreciate them in your life
  • Talk to the other person about what a wonderful life you lead together
  • Share your dreams and aspirations
  • Sing a song to your spouse
  • Ask intimate questions
  • Read poems
  • Video tape the story of your love (start with how you met, then your first date, your first kiss, engagement, etc.)
  • Talk about highlights of the last year together
  • Learn about your personalities and point out what you notice in your spouse
  • Write love notes
  • Play Spouse ScattergoriesWould You Rather?, or give your spouse a Love Code (ideas from The Dating Divas)
  • Talk by candlelight or in the moonlight

Free Date Ideas for Physical Touch

  • Give your spouse a massage
  • Have a bubble bath
  • Makeout sesh in your car in the garage (just a few minutes; take the baby monitor if you’re worried)
  • Hold hands
  • Give plenty of hugs and kisses
  • Play Twister
  • Feed your spouse
  • Wrestle
  • Have a Naked Night (idea from The Dating Divas)
  • Dance
  • Whisper in the other’s ear

Free Date Ideas for Receiving Gifts

  • Make dessert
  • Make handmade cards
  • Pick flowers from your flower garden and put them in a vase
  • Create a piece of art for the other person
  • Draw or paint a picture of the other person

Your spouse is the most important person in your life, and this date is the perfect time to show that. Remember to do this date night idea again even after the spending freeze challenge!

What date ideas do you have for your own love language?

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  1. Whew! I was worried how you were going to pull off the “physical touch” category. Well done, Charlee 🙂 We read the 5 love languages umpteen years ago when we were first married. I think it’s probably time to read it again. Thanks for the ideas, perfect for a Friday night!
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