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If you’ve stopped by to see these homemade baby food feeding schedules floating around Pinterest, you’ve come to the right place! I fed both of my daughters homemade purees and finger foods from the time they were 6 months old until past their first birthdays. These posts are all about my adventures feeding my daughters. Most of the posts contain details of what I fed my second daughter as well as how much it all cost. Enjoy!

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A quick search on Google for homemade baby food sites returns plenty of results! Here are the best sites and books from a mom who has fed both of her daughters homemade baby food.

The Best Homemade Baby Food Resources

Homemade baby food can be exciting and overwhelming all at once. Here is a great guide to help you start and continue as your child explores more and more foods.

Solids Feeding Schedule Overview

This is a very detailed list of all the foods one mama introduced to her baby. She even gives the total cost of feeding her baby!

Solids Feeding Schedule: Month 1 Update

One mom's schedule for feeding her 7 month old baby homemade baby food (cost breakdown as well)

Solids Feeding Schedule: Month 2 Update

Spend some time once a month whipping up homemade baby food, freeze it, and then don't worry about it! It's really simple to freeze your baby food with the Mumi&Bubi Solids Start Kit!

Baby Food Freezer Cooking Day

For the third month of homemade baby food, baby ate red bell pepper, grapes, apricots, and many more! Find out the cost and time it took to make each one. Very thorough!

Solids Feeding Schedule: Month 3 Update

Rice cereal is a common first food for babies. But why? Should you be feeding your baby something else?

Is Commercial Baby Rice Cereal Truly Necessary?

Introducing new foods to your baby is important. Follow this schedule, breaking down cost and time to make each puree, and all you have to do is make the food!

Solids Feeding Schedule: Month 4 Update

Introducing new foods to babies is critical. These are the 9 foods I introduced to my 10 month old this month, including a cost breakdown and how long I spent on cooking. A very detailed post!

Solids Feeding Schedule: Month 5 Update

You will be so impressed with all the food your baby eats if you follow a feeding schedule from the moment they begin eating solids. Find out what foods you can give your baby and the time and cost you can expect.

Solids Feeding Schedule: Month 6 Update

Once your baby turns 1 year old, he can eat almost any food you can think of. Here are 7 foods I introduced to my 12 month old and 6 foods that I reintroduced. It's so important to give little ones a variety!

7 Healthy Foods to Introduce at 12 Months

A baby with few teeth can't have finger foods, can they? Of course they can! These 50+ foods are great for little ones even if they have few or no teeth.

50+ Finger Foods for Babies with Few Teeth

Think only 6 month olds need to be introduced to foods? Think again! One year olds need to be introduced to new foods, too! This month my 13 month old tried mushrooms, eggplant, and turnips. Find out details of these foods in this post, as well as what she's been eating the rest of the months.

Foods to Introduce at 13 Months

On the fence about whether you should make or buy baby food? Here's a detailed cost comparison that can help you see the price difference and other factors to consider before you take one side or the other.

Cost Comparison: Baby Food

Here are the details of 9 great foods you can introduce or reintroduce to your 14 month old. Never give up on any food! Just keep offering!!

Foods to Introduce at 14 Months

Rotating new foods for your growing toddler is essential for optimal nutrition. Here are the 4 foods I introduced to my 15 month old this month with details about each one.

Foods to Introduce at 15 Months

Ready to start making baby food for your little one? Don't get roped into buying too many gadgets that you won't actually use for very long. These are the essentials and you probably have many of them at home.

Homemade Baby Food Products You Actually Need

Too busy to make your baby's food at home? These printables can help! It's really not rocket science to feed your baby!

Helpful Printables for Planning Out Your Baby’s Meals

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