How to Find More Time in Your Day

*This is the 13th day of the One Month Spending Freeze Challenge. Please click here to see all of the posts in this series.* The two main problems most people complain about are that they have no money and they have no time. When you have neither one, you can feel really overwhelmed with life…. Keep reading →

6 Ways to Make Better Use of Your Time

*This is the 12th day of the One Month Spending Freeze Challenge. Please click here to see all of the posts in this series.* Since going on a spending freeze over a year ago, I’ve learned that you can save money quite easily by doing just one simple thing: staying at home. © Brian Jackson… Keep reading →

8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Spending Money on Your Child

*This is the 8th day of the One Month Spending Freeze Challenge. Please click here to see all of the posts in this series.* My attempts at managing our money fairly well fell by the way side shortly after we started a family. For me this had nothing to do with spending money on my daughter…. Keep reading →

Should Your Baby Sleep Through the Night at 6 Weeks?

During my first pregnancy, I read a lot of books and information on pregnancy, labor, and breastfeeding. It wasn’t until we brought our baby home that I realized I didn’t know much about infant sleep. I figured it would be pretty easy, but just a few days and weeks later left me realizing that it was a… Keep reading →

How to Save Your Sanity with Baby #2

Our lives turned into a chaotic mess the moment baby #2 entered the picture. The toddler had just turned 18 months a few days before, we were all sick when the baby came home from the hospital, breastfeeding issues left me frazzled and in pain, and I just wasn’t ready to care for two small kids…. Keep reading →

17 Kitchen Appliances and Tools that Can Save You Time and Money

The best way to save money on groceries is to obviously start cooking at home. Going out to eat even once a week can put a huge dent in your wallet. When you cook at home, you do need kitchen appliances and tools, but hopefully they will save you more money than they cost to… Keep reading →

Two Incomes to One: How Much Money Does It Really Take to Be a Stay-at-Home Mom?

The closer and closer we got to the birth of our oldest daughter over three years ago, the more I wondered if we would be okay financially when I quit my job. At that time there were other pregnant women around me, and they were going back to work after maternity leave. It made me… Keep reading →

5 Reasons You Hate Meal Planning (with solutions)

When you want to save some money on groceries, meal planning is the place to start. Not everyone, though, enjoys this household task. Why? Because they have certain preconceived thoughts telling them that it would be a waste to even try. Are you one of these people? Do you have several reasons why you hate… Keep reading →

Breastfeeding Roadblocks in the NICU

It is World Breastfeeding Week, so I wanted to share my first breastfeeding experience. It’s kind of a long story, but I hope it helps somebody who might be going through something similar. When you are a first-time pregger mama, I think you expect things to go how you imagine them. You think your labor… Keep reading →

Baby Firsts and Milestones to Remember

When you are living the moment it feels like forever. For me, it felt like the first few weeks of breastfeeding and late-night feedings would never end. But then time passes and, before you know it, you can’t even remember that much about your baby. Unless you were great at recording all the special moments,… Keep reading →