What I Wish I Had Known About UTIs Before Pregnancy

It was a month or so before Bella’s due date that I ended up in the hospital late one night with the possibility of delivering her early. It all started one day when I got the chills. Only a few minutes later, I had to stop what I was doing because I felt almost dizzy…. Keep reading →

Why You Should Consider Having a Secondhand Baby Shower

A baby shower is such a special event to share in the joy of the new baby to arrive. It’s also so necessary for first time parents. If you’ve never been into a baby store, you might be shocked at just how much everything costs and how quickly it all adds up when you are… Keep reading →

How to Pop Prenatal Vitamins Like They’re Going Out of Style

I get all choked up, quite literally, if I take prenatal vitamins without following the tips I’m going to share with you today. My gag reflex kicks in and they just won’t go down! © Johan Larson / Dollar Photo Club Until I started trying for kids, I avoided pills and vitamins with a vengeance. I never… Keep reading →

Our Frustrating NICU Experience

Part 2 of Sofía’s birth story (click HERE for part 1): I just stared at my newborn baby in the little incubator hooked up to all kinds of tubes and monitors. She looked so helpless. I wanted to swoop in and just take her away. The same thoughts kept crossing my mind: Why is my baby… Keep reading →

The Birth Story of Our First Baby

Things never go the way you imagine, and that’s the beauty of life. Our first daughter, Sofía, was expected to come on July 28. Actually, she had two due dates, the other one being August 4, but I stuck with the first one because I didn’t want to believe she could be as late as… Keep reading →

Baby Stuff We Had to Live WITHOUT

When I quit my job nearly two years ago to become a stay-at-home mom, I was making more money than my husband was. Shocking, right?! So why did I quit? I wanted to stay home with my daughter, and I knew that nobody would take care of her like I could. It takes a ton… Keep reading →

9 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery

Imagine being sick and going into labor. Now, add on top of that a sick husband and child. Yep, that happened to me with my second child. All the hype a baby normally brings quickly faded, because we had to deal with, well, being sick. It was my husband and daughter, Sofía, who got sick… Keep reading →