Create a Cheap Photo Gift in Less Than 20 Minutes with PicMonkey

Since my daughters are still so young, I have yet to receive a real gift from them for Mother’s Day. I truly don’t mind because most gifts just add clutter. So this year I’m in Grandmother’s Day thinking mode, and I wanted to come up with a really beautiful gift for both grandmas without spending… Keep reading →

Reasons to Be Thrifty

Throughout our marriage we’ve had times of abundance and times of scarcity. During the periods of abundance, we spent more money because we had more money. And since we didn’t have a great handle on our situation, we ended up with less money than we should have. If we had chosen to be really thrifty… Keep reading →

How to Save Money at Target

In the great debate of Target vs Walmart, I believe it all comes down to preference. For the longest time, though, I was shopping at Walmart because I believed I couldn’t afford to shop at Target. Now that I know how to save money at Target, you’d be hard pressed to find me at Walmart…. Keep reading →

Two Incomes to One: Simple Habit Changes That Will Save You Money

One thing I know is absolutely true when you are going from two incomes down to one: it takes a bit of sacrifice on everyone’s part to make it work. We decided I should be a stay-at-home mom after our first daughter was born, and when my income was gone (after maternity leave ran out)… Keep reading →

Cost Comparison: Baby Food

One of the most exciting steps you will take as your baby grows is introducing solids to him. It’s kind of fun to see the expression on baby’s face and to find out what he will do with a spoon. But the options for giving baby solids is somewhat overwhelming. You have to decide what… Keep reading →

Giving Assistant: Cash Back That Helps You Give Back

I was paid to review this website, but all opinions are my own. Whenever I think about giving back, I immediately think of Christmastime. Obviously, though, I know that you can give back year round. There are a ton of opportunities to serve and volunteer, you just need to do a little research. © momius… Keep reading →

Family Financial Planning: What Is It Exactly?

As I prepared to complete my undergraduate degree four years ago, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I had taken the classes to prepare myself for a career in financial planning, but as I went to a couple interviews for positions, I realized it wasn’t the path for… Keep reading →

When Saving Money Becomes a Burden

When we first went from two incomes down to one after Sofía was born, I sort of played the “we can’t save money” game. Looking back, had I decided that we should put X amount away each paycheck, we would’ve been in a better position. It also shouldn’t have been that hard to do a few spending… Keep reading →

A Plan to Give My Family Better Breakfasts

As someone who grew up eating cereal and milk for breakfast every morning, I still cannot believe that after more than a year I haven’t gone back. I swore off breakfast cereal in December 2013 while I was pregnant with my second daughter. There were several reasons, such as not enough calories and nutrition. Ok,… Keep reading →

Why You Should Consider Having a Secondhand Baby Shower

A baby shower is such a special event to share in the joy of the new baby to arrive. It’s also so necessary for first time parents. If you’ve never been into a baby store, you might be shocked at just how much everything costs and how quickly it all adds up when you are… Keep reading →