The Easiest Way to Save for a Rainy Day

My husband switched jobs and got a drastic pay-cut back in June, so we have basically been doing a spending freeze since then. It’s been pretty strict, and I don’t do nearly as much online browsing as I used to do. Sigh. I guess it’s for the better of our financial situation.   © cristovao31… Keep reading →

Why Budget?

I was not paid to write this post. I received a product to review, and I will only review products that could benefit my readers. The opinions in this post are completely my own based on my experience. © Subbotina Anna / Dollar Photo Club Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links (I’ve put a * by any link… Keep reading →

Preparing to Write a Will: Choosing Your Child’s Guardian

As I’ve been thinking about writing our will – yes, we still haven’t sat down and hammered things out – I’ve realized that we need to actually ask some people to be guardians to our kids and to execute our will. Eek! © ostrinka / Dollar Photo Club The question, though, is how do you… Keep reading →

Shred Your Own Cheese for Significant Savings!

Over the last seven years, since I started grocery shopping for myself and my family, I’ve noticed one very harsh reality: the cost of cheese is going up and I don’t see it coming back down. *UPDATE 6/17/2015: It’s coming down!! [AdSense-A] I like cheese. I like to use it in my food. I like to… Keep reading →

Our Budget Was Put On the Backburner, and Now I’m Gonna Revive It

Call me strange, but I love spreadsheets. And numbers. How I love solving algebraic equations and calculating how much I spent on everything from baby food and bread to diapers and pantries. Budgeting used to be a hobby for me. Yes, a hobby! Then why am I having a hard time finding time for our… Keep reading →

Skip the Hotel and Stay in a Vacation Rental

Last August we went on a family vacation to Portland and Seattle. It was another Babymoon of sorts for us. I was 4 months pregnant, but we decided to tote our 13 month old along with us. So it wasn’t the Babymoon we had the first time. 😉 We don’t like to spend a fortune… Keep reading →

5 Reasons You Need a Bill Pay System

I keep saying that I’m going to share the mistakes I’ve made with managing our family finances. Well, here is one such mistake as outlined below. Over the past year, a number of very stressful and time-consuming things have happened and have made me quite forgetful. The first was that we bought a house. Then… Keep reading →

Save Hundreds on Vacation by Taking Public Transportation

Three months before our first baby was due, we took a little vacation. You might know this type of getaway as a “Babymoon.” It was all baby and no moon, that’s for sure! 😉 All the vacations we’ve ever been on together have been road trips, except this particular one. We decided that since I… Keep reading →

Preparing to Write a Will

A few months ago, I mentioned that we don’t have a will. I wish I could tell you today that we finally got down to business and wrote one. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it still hasn’t happened. I promise that after we come back from our small trip this weekend, I will get… Keep reading →

The Purpose of a Will

It’s high time my husband and I put together a will. I think I’ve said I was going to write one over a dozen times, but I’ve never taken the time to actually do it. I know it’s majorly important if one or both of us dies, but it’s just a matter of actually sitting… Keep reading →