The BEST Homemade Baby Food Resources

Baby food comes in many different forms from the store, so it’s refreshing to know that you can make your own. But where do you start? That’s what I would like to share with you below. I have personally used many different baby food resources including books and websites, and I will share with you the absolute best ones I’ve found.

A quick search on Google for homemade baby food sites returns plenty of results! Here are the best sites and books from a mom who has fed both of her daughters homemade baby food.I jumped the gun (at least in my opinion) with our first daughter, Sofía, and baby food. She was still not quite 6-months-old when I started whipping up purees for her to eat. I was super excited to actually start cooking for my first-born! This time around I’m going to wait until Bella is at least 6-months-old, maybe even a little longer. Many parents like to start their babies on solids so they will sleep through the night, but both of my daughters were sleeping through the night by 4 months.

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Sofía’s first foods were apples and bananas, as I recall. Other foods I gave her that first month were carrots, peas, parsnips, avocados, pears, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes. Parsnips and sweet potatoes were by far her favorite. Guess what her least favorite was? Avocados! Strange, huh? I think it was a textural thing. Now at 22 months, she still could care less for avocados, unless they are cleverly disguised in some delicious guacamole.

I got by just fine without a fancy, schmancy baby food maker, but you may want to use one if you got it from your Aunt Erma at your baby shower and she’s itching to know if you’ve used it or not. 😉 All I use is a food processor, a blender, and an immersion blender. When I make baby food in batches, I put it in ice cube trays* and freeze it. This is so convenient and makes life so much easier. When I wanted to feed Sofía some apple, for example, I would get out 2 cubes and let them thaw in the fridge or heat them in the microwave. I also heated them over the stove with great results; just remember to let them cool back down to a temperature your baby can handle.

The BEST Resources for Homemade Baby Food

I used a lot of resources for Sofía’s purees, but I will direct you to some of my favorite ones.




If you want even more resources, check out my pinterest board devoted to kid-friendly foods.

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Even if you just decide to stay pretty simple with the homemade baby food, these resources can guide you in deciding what foods to feed your child at each age, as well as what to avoid before he turns a year old. Making homemade baby food is something I personally enjoy, and if it’s something you have wanted to try for your little one, I hope you can too!

Do you already have a favorite resource you have used to make baby food? 

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