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You know that your family needs healthy food, but there are so many reasons you don’t have it in your home.

For one, your grocery budget is embarrassingly small and in order to afford healthy food for your family it needs to be much larger.

You hate to admit it, but healthy food just doesn’t appeal to the tastes of your kids or your husband. They would rather eat the decadent meals you make from Pinterest than anything remotely healthy.

Oh, and eating healthy, it just takes a lot of time that you don’t have much of.

Personally, I believe that you can feed your family healthy, delicious meals without spending a fortune or slaving away in the kitchen.

“We have been doing a lot better with adding vegetables to our diet. Over half of our cart is produce when we go grocery shopping. We can still improve, but I think we’re doing better! We aren’t buying many items from the ‘middle’ of the grocery store, and we’ve even started going to a different store that doesn’t even have a lot of that, which reduces temptations to purchase unhealthy food to begin with!” -Anonymous reader

Imagine making mostly healthy, and super yummy, meals for your family without doubling your grocery budget.

How amazing would it be to prepare these healthy meals in less time than it takes to make your everyday comfort foods?

When you become a member of the Humble in a Heartbeat community, you’ll glean wisdom about healthy eating that will give you the confidence to transform your family’s meals without spending tons of money or time. And, get this? Your family will actually eat what you make.

From the early years of our marriage until we started having kids, I didn’t think twice about our meals and whether they were healthy or not. I mean, we were basically healthy, so why would it matter much if we weren’t eating our veggies (or, in the case of my husband, fruits)? Besides that, there was no way I could fit healthy food into our grocery budget, it was just too low. And, why would I want to make healthy food anyway? My husband really enjoyed all the delicious food I made for him; he was less than pleased when I made healthy meals.

Once kids entered the picture, I freaked out a bit about what we were eating. Slowly, I learned more about cooking healthy food, and I even increased our grocery budget (not by much!) so we could afford to buy healthier food. What I learned is that healthy food can be delicious, but, more importantly, that it doesn’t take lots of money or time to make.

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I would be thrilled to hear from you. We can chat about your current food situation in your home or anything you’d like to know more about how we got to this point in our healthy eating journey. The best way to reach me is by email: charlee@humbleinaheartbeat.com. You can also find me on Facebook. Happy Healthy Eating!