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Welcome to my blog, Humble in a Heartbeat! My name is Charlee, and I’m so glad to have you here.

My Story

Our Little FamilyI’m married to an Argentinian native and we have two gorgeous daughters who were born 18 months apart. I refer to them as Sofía (almost 4 yrs) and Bella (almost 2 1/2) on this blog. Those two girls are just bursting with personality! We’re also expecting a third baby due August 2016. It’s a boy this time!

Charlee's Daughters

I absolutely love to write, so blogging is definitely a perfect fit for me. I actually started a blog right after I got married in 2008, but it was just a personal one for friends and family. I started Humble in a Heartbeat in May 2014 and it’s been such a fun endeavor!

My husband and I are both passionate about life. We want to find a way to do the things we enjoy while we are young, so we’ve taken plenty of risks over the last year. My husband recently started his own business, and we hope it will give us a way to reach our goals quickly.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, but I quit my job 3 years ago to be a stay-at-home mom. While it wasn’t easy to give up my career, I am grateful every day for the blessing it is to be with my daughters. I would hate to leave them with anyone else, even if just for a few hours a day!

How This Blog Came to Be

I started Humble in a Heartbeat because I had been struggling for a couple months as the mother to two sweet babies (the first was only 21 months old and the second was just 3 months old). Not that having one child was easy, per se, but I definitely was not prepared for two kids.

When I started the blog, I didn’t start it specifically to talk about my mistakes as the family finance manager, but things definitely unfolded to take me in that direction.

Being a parent and handling the finances are both monstrous tasks to take on alone or even as a couple. I’ll be the first to admit that I make mistakes…a lot.

Funny side note, before I became a mother, I thought for sure I was going to do everything just so – I’d never make any mistakes, I’d raise stellar children, and I’d never struggle a single day in my life.

Pffff! What was I thinking??

Since I was making so many mistakes, I thought it would be a great idea to share those mistakes. I try to give solutions to all the mistakes I’ve made so you can do better than I have. I also use this blog as a way to help myself grow and improve.

What You Can Get Out of This Blog

Humble in a Heartbeat has evolved into a place for me to share mistakes, triumphs, and just overall life lessons I’ve learned as a mother and while handling our family finances.

Just FYI, while the name of this blog may imply a religious tone, that is not what I write about.

My hope is that as you read posts you will be encouraged to improve as a mother and/or family finance manager. Perhaps you’re already doing everything right. Well, that is wonderful! Seriously, being a responsible adult is tough, so if you have already found a groove and know what you’re doing, I look up to you.

But if you’re struggling and feel discouraged, I hope to help you along. We can all pick up our lives and move onto greater things if we push ourselves hard enough.

Where to Start Reading

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I’ve also been published on FamilyShare, which is a huge accomplishment for me!

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