Tips for Taking Better Weekly Baby Pictures

It’s important to be intentional about taking pictures of our kids because time just flies! For both of my daughters I would take weekly baby pictures. This was a great thing because it helped me see how much they were growing and I was able to use all those clothes for something other than special occasions. I mean, seriously, how many fancy dresses does one baby need!

One way to track growth and all those clothes your baby will go through is to take weekly baby pictures for the 1st year. Here are some great tips for taking them!When I took the pictures of my firstborn, I didn’t get really great ones (as you can see in the above pictures). A lot of them were dark and the piece of paper next to her was less than appealing. So with my second daughter, I decided to improve the pictures. They looked so much better, it was like night and day!

One way to track growth and all those clothes your baby will go through is to take weekly baby pictures for the 1st year. Here are some great tips for taking them!Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links (I’ve put a * by any link that is an affiliate link). If you click on one of these links and you make a purchase, I will receive a small commission from your purchase. Thank you for supporting Humble in a Heartbeat!

Tips for Taking Better Weekly Baby Pictures

These are my best tips for taking these weekly baby pictures.

  • Take the pictures near a window when the sun is just right, not too bright and never at night. Try to take the pictures with your back against the window or your side to the window.
  • Put the baby on the same blanket every time you take the pictures. I wish I had chosen a blanket with only one color for our second baby’s pictures.
  • Put your baby in a different outfit every week so you can remember all the adorable outfits she wore.
  • Place your baby next to a stuffed animal (preferably a large one) to see the growth of your baby week to week.
  • Take a bunch of pictures for each session. I normally take at least 5 pictures each week and choose the best one. Sometimes baby is not in the mood (you probably wouldn’t be either if someone just stuffed you into a very uncomfortable suit!), so take five minutes to calm him down. Or wait until the next day if necessary.
  • Edit the best picture from each session using PicMonkey* or some other editing software. Play around with the exposure if needed and be sure to add the weekly number and the picture’s date.

The only thing that may throw you off is missing a weekly photo session. I tend to remember without ever writing it down, but you may want to set an alarm each week so you never forget this important photo opportunity.

Once baby starts crawling, just be warned that these pictures will be a lot harder to get! It often took my husband to hold her in place and then I’d countdown and he’d let go so I could get a picture. It worked for the most part!

Are you already taking weekly baby photos? If you have any great ideas for them, please leave a comment so others can benefit from your ideas! Happy picture taking!

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  1. chels says:

    Wish I would have! Really great tips! Daughter #1 will still be happy you took her picture each week!

  2. I am so lazy about taking pictures, but I’m always looking for tips to make pictures look a little more aesthetically pleasing. This was really helpful.
    Lauren recently posted…Getting a Baby to Stop BitingMy Profile


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