Volunteering for The Festival of Trees When You Have Young Kids

The Festival of Trees in Salt Lake City is a perfect event for a family of any size to help with. We have two young children this year, but we plan to do what we can to serve since it helps so many children who are at Primary Children’s Hospital.

There are so many ways to help with The Festival of Trees in Salt Lake City even when you have young kids!Our firstborn was a NICU baby. She was not sent to Primary Children’s Hospital, but it is still a special place to us since we kind of know how it feels to have a child stay at the hospital.

We have always desired to serve, especially at Christmas, but we’ve never really made time to give back. Now that we have two young girls our schedule is even more jam-packed. Life will never slow down enough for us to have extra time to volunteer, so this year we are “making” time to volunteer. Serving with young children at Christmas looks to be a challenge on the surface, but there are many things you can do with limited time, even for The Festival of Trees.

Christmas is still more than five months away, but it is Christmas in July, and if we want to volunteer for The Festival of Trees this year, we should start thinking about it now.

The Festival of Trees started in 1971 and has since raised a good $35 million for the hospital.  Just like most other fundraising events, it started small but has grown into a very large event and a tradition for many Utah families.

At the festival, you will find rows of Christmas trees in all shapes and sizes, decorated to the brim by the donor to their heart’s content. Many of the trees are donated in memory of a loved one, while others are donated by organizations that want to help give back to Primary Children’s Hospital.

Ideas for Helping with The Festival of Trees with Young Kids

There are several things that anyone can do to make The Festival of Trees a memorable event and one that touches those who benefit from it. One of the most obvious ways to help is by donating a Christmas tree that has been decorated. All the donated Christmas trees are auctioned off right before The Festival of Trees opens to the public, and all the money goes to benefit Primary Children’s Hospital.

I know that with our limited time and resources, we will have to do something that is more attainable for our little family if we want to volunteer for this event. Here are my ideas that I got just by browsing the website for The Festival of Trees and “Ways To Help”:

  • Attend The Festival of Trees (each ticket costs $5 for adults and $3 for children ages 2-11)
  • Buy gifts for family and friends from the festival (the treats and items for sale are often homemade and more special that way)
  • Buy the handmade Christmas cards from The Festival of Trees (each one is $2.50), and they will be delivered to the recipient of your choice
  • Make burp cloths to donate (they accept all high-quality handmade items). No, I don’t know  how to make burp cloths, but I bet I could learn between now and the end of October (they are due November 1st)
  • Donate a small tree for auction. We have to register for this by October 15th and also attend a workshop on October 11th to find out more about decorating and transporting the trees. The tree needs to be complete by December 1st for Decorating Day. We would have to find someone to watch our girls at that time since children are not allowed to be there for that day
  • Make some goodies or candy so they can sell them in the Sweet Shoppes

Those are just ways that will work for our family in our current situation. There are numerous more ways to help out for The Festival of Trees if you live in Utah. Just check out The Festival of Trees website and click on “Ways to Help” for more detailed information on how you might be able to volunteer your time.

Have you ever been to The Festival of Trees?

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  1. These are awesome ideas. I recall doing a skit about this one Christmas. The entire family volunteered at a soup kitchen and it contrasted a family that had little but gave what they had and a family that had much and always wanted more.

    • That is why we want to serve. We want our kids to know that serving others is much more fulfilling and joyous than things. Thank you so much for your comment, Betty!

  2. One of my favorite ways I used to give back during Christmas as a child was filling shoe boxes with special goodies to send overseas. That would be another good way to volunteer! Thanks for sharing on Hump Day Happenings : )
    Megan Walker recently posted…4 Rules of Big, Bold Room DesignMy Profile

    • I love that idea! What a great way to show our servicemen and women that we are thinking about them and to cheer them for the holidays. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I have known several people that have participated in the Festival of Trees to honor the people in their lives It truly is a work of heart and they put so much time and effort into these beautiful trees as a honor and remembrance. It is stunning to see all of the trees and to read about the stories there. Thanks for highlighting this event. What a great opportunity to share and serve!
    Elizabeth recently posted…Experience RequiredMy Profile


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