The Top 10 Posts of 2015 for Humble in a Heartbeat

Follow us on Facebook! What a year it’s been! I have seen so much growth with this little blog, thanks to you! I am actually very surprised how much time I was able to put into blogging this year. My husband’s business started in January, and I had to help out a ton with that! It… Keep reading →

New Purchases to Avoid Right Before Having Kids

There are two pretty important things about kids you ought to know before you ever decide to conceive. One, you must repeat something a million times before they will actually listen. And, two, they are insanely adventurous. © ellenamani / Dollar Photo Club Basically, you can’t expect your house, car, clothes, etc. to continue looking like… Keep reading →

How to Use OneNote to Organize All Your Recipes

I’ve always been intimidated by the idea of putting together a recipe binder. I would love to gather all our family favorite recipes and put them into one easy-to-access cookbook, but it’s been hard to visualize how it should be put together. Do I put the recipes in alphabetical order? Wouldn’t recipes by meal make… Keep reading →

Winter Bucket List for Babies and Toddlers

It’s so easy for me to keep my toddler girls indoors during the winter because we’re usually dealing with sickness or it’s just too darn cold out there! I’m sure if they were older, they’d be begging me to go play in the snow. © Sunny studio / Dollar Photo Club Of course if I… Keep reading →

The Hardest Part of Raising Two Kids Under the Age of 2

I looked at my sweet baby girl, just two months old, and I realized that I didn’t know her. These past months I had been feeding her, rocking her to sleep, and changing her diaper, but she still felt so distant. It was almost like I was just a caretaker and not her mom. Disclosure: This post… Keep reading →

An Amazing Way to Slow Down Your Spending

I remember it like it was yesterday. We had gotten to a point where we could pay for all our bills each month, save some money, and give. We had also just received a nice tax refund, and it was like GREEN LIGHT! Go spend that money on a few things you’ve always wanted! © Antonioguillem… Keep reading →

10 Healthy and Tasty Meal Ideas for Families in Need

After I gave birth to both of my daughters, people in my neighborhood and some family members brought over meals for about 3 days. It was wonderful. No, downright glorious. I didn’t have to think about cooking, and I got to taste some really yummy stuff that others made. Since I know what it’s like… Keep reading →

How to Avoid Becoming House Poor

We bought a house 2 1/2 years ago. When I say bought, I mean we borrowed a large amount of money, forked over a small amount of cash, and landed ourselves a 30-year loan with a payment that includes the cost of the mortgage, home insurance, taxes, and private mortgage insurance (or PMI). © Iriana… Keep reading →

30+ Classic Christmas Cartoons You Can Watch on YouTube

Every year, I so look forward to watching classic Christmas cartoons while the snow is falling, snuggling under a thick, puffy blanket with some hot chocolate and marshmallows, and just relaxing for a few hours straight. Some of my fondest memories of Christmas are of when we would gather as a family to watch all… Keep reading →

How to Network as a Stay-at-Home Mom

I left the workforce in 2012 by choice. I had been working at my first “big girl” job right out of college for a mere 8 months when my first baby was born and I took my paid maternity leave. After that ran out, I quit. © koti / Dollar Photo Club It was a… Keep reading →

A Frugal Gift Guide for Bread Enthusiasts

Do you happen to know a bread aficionado or someone who really wants to learn how to make bread? If you would like to get a gift for the bread lover in your life for Christmas or a birthday, you’ve come to the right place! Below I will share my gift guide for that special… Keep reading →

How We Save $105 a Year on Our Toddlers’ Messes

My toddler girls make incredible messes at the dinner table. They get food on their hands, face, hair, clothes, chair, and on the floor. It’s something I truly look forward to at the start of every meal…not. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links (I’ve put a * by any link that is an affiliate link)…. Keep reading →

24 Meaningful and Frugal Family Christmas Traditions

Imagine spending Christmas Eve searching for a stranger to bring home for dinner, preferably someone who is homeless. That’s how we spent Christmas Eve as a family one year at the request of my out-of-state aunt who was in charge of the family Christmas party. Because she was out-of-state, she couldn’t fly in to organize… Keep reading →

3 Ways to Make the Holidays More Relaxing

Year after year after year I crave a holiday season I can just enjoy, but, inevitably, especially with kids, the few weeks that follow Thanksgiving are often rushed and full of stress. Why can’t the holidays just be like when I was a kid, carefree and magical? © tashka2000 / Dollar Photo Club Disclosure: This… Keep reading →

Homemade Baby Food Products You Actually Need

Starting your bouncing baby on solids can seem very overwhelming at first, especially if you decide to go the route of making everything from scratch. I remember when I started my oldest on purees, I wasn’t sure if I should buy all the baby food products or just stick to the basics. So I thought I’d help… Keep reading →