Kids and Food: Emotional Eating

Follow us on Facebook! A couple months ago, my family and I went to an open house for The Festival of Trees. As we were wrapping up and about to strap our toddler into the stroller, she started having a little tantrum. She still wanted to run around. A nice older lady swiftly came running… Keep reading →

Solids Feeding Schedule: Month 6 Update

If you are just joining us, this is the 6th month update of feeding my baby homemade baby food. Each update I give you the details of what foods I introduced to my baby (Bella) during the previous month. Pssst! You can see all my homemade baby food posts right here. What a month! Bella… Keep reading →

How to Get Started with Baby Sign Language

I’m one of those stay-at-home moms that likes doing things the old-school way, like cloth diapering and making baby food. Makes sense then that I couldn’t help myself when I heard about baby sign language the first time. My baby was going to learn it and we were going to communicate before she could ever talk. So… Keep reading →

5 Easy Swaps for Throwing a Birthday Party on a Small Budget

We celebrated baby Bella’s first birthday last weekend. It was supposed to be a “You Are My Sunshine” theme, but it turned into a lemon/no-theme-at-all-really theme very quickly. It really didn’t matter the theme, though, because the birthday girl got to enjoy her cake for a really (and I’m talking really) long time. As long… Keep reading →

The Striking Similarities Between Parenting and Finances

Two of the main topics I write about on this blog are parenting and family finances (budgeting and more). I titled my blog Humble in a Heartbeat because I wanted to share my failures in both categories and give solutions we can all use to better ourselves. Although parenting and money are very different topics,… Keep reading →

Breastfeeding Sample Schedules for 7 Months to 1 Year

Before you read this, please understand, I am NOT trying to persuade anyone to schedule their breastfeedings. I am giving this information for anyone who WANTS to breastfeed on a schedule. What I do in breastfeeding and what you do in breastfeeding might be two entirely different things, and that is okay.  I’ve provided this to… Keep reading →

How I Fill My Freezer Without Doing Any Freezer Cooking Days

I bet you know at least a couple people or more who do freezer cooking days once or twice a month. They do this to save both time and money in the future, and it pays off for the most part. But what about those of us who don’t have a big chest freezer? I… Keep reading →

9 Things That Can Help You to Improve and Intentionally Change

I was gung-ho the minute 2014 rolled around to start working on myself. Two seconds later I dropped off that cliff and plateaued. Then something amazing happened Easter weekend. Actually a series of events happened before that, but I didn’t do anything about it until Easter. I got the creative juices flowing for my blog…. Keep reading →

Kids and Food: Eat Your Veggies

Parents tend to say the same thing about their kids when it comes to food: “My kids are terrible eaters. They won’t even touch their broccoli.” Besides the fact that many kids don’t eat all their dinner (which I attribute to not having a strict snacking schedule), they just won’t eat their veggies. Why is… Keep reading →

How to Make Rutabaga {or Swede} Puree for Baby

I am a big believer in feeding babies variety. My little Bella turns 1 soon, and she will have tried 50+ foods by that time. Rutabaga is just one of them. Before doing a feeding schedule for introducing new foods to Bella, I had no idea what a rutabaga was. I had seen them at… Keep reading →