10 Fantastic Ideas for Saving on Nursery Decor Costs

This is a guest post by Saskia from My Kind of Monday. I love her ideas on saving some money while furnishing your nursery.

When my cousin found out she was expecting her first child, everyone was thrilled with the news. Of course, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy for them financially, so we all helped out where we could. What we realized from the experience is that there are plenty of creative ways you can save money on your nursery décor costs and still end up with a pretty amazing looking nursery.

A nursery can easily become very expensive to decorate. Instead of falling for every adorable item that crosses your path, save money with these great ideas. © Alexei Sysoev / Dollar Photo Club

10 Ways To Save On Nursery Décor Costs

This infographic offers some great tips on how to create a Pinterest-worthy nursery on a budget. You would be surprised to find out just how much money you can save on your baby room, simply by getting a little creative. It’s all about knowing which items to invest in and how you can get the same look for less.

Nursery Decor on a Budget InfographicPick a theme

One thing that helps is picking out a theme for your nursery early on. My cousin decided she wanted a jungle theme and ended up getting lots of lovely gifts that fit in perfectly. Once people know the theme you are after, they are much more inclined to think of you when they spot an item that fits, whether it’s a cute stuffed animal, a toy or even something more useful like a lamp.

The same goes for the parents; once you have something in mind you can keep an eye out for any bargain pieces that would suit the décor. People often end up overspending on items marketed as baby products, when you can get something similar elsewhere at just a fraction of the cost. Once you have picked your theme or color scheme, be sure to let everyone know!

Go for second-hand goods

While there are some items you should avoid buying used, others are perfectly safe and can end up saving you a fortune. Getting toys, clothing and unopened formula second-hand is an easy way to save money on your baby essentials. When it comes to designing the nursery, think second-hand storage furniture and upcycle a dresser or bookcase to match your chosen theme.

My aunt ended up buying my cousin a whole set of second-hand baby clothes on eBay and it was a complete bargain. One of the most gifted items are baby clothes, but when you think of how quickly your baby will outgrow them, you often end up with items that are barely used. You can often find great deals online, at garage sales or even from friends and family that recently had a baby.

Get a convertible crib

The crib tends to be one of the most expensive items in the nursery, so it’s worth investing in something that can be used for a few good years. A convertible crib may be a little pricier than your average crib, but it will save you money in the long run.

Ditch the changing table

Parents often comment that one of the biggest wastes of money is the changing table. While it may look good, it takes up valuable space in your baby’s room and quickly outgrows its usefulness. Instead, opt for a padded changing mat and place it on top of your dresser.

You can also buy a travel changing mat, which can easily be moved around the house. Not only will you be saving money, but it is also much more convenient. Rather than having to keep going up and down to the nursery, simply take the changing mat with you and save yourself some much needed energy.

Go for a cheap wall makeover

Decorating the walls of your nursery is an easy way to make a statement, without having to shell out a fortune. Rather than opting for pricey wallpaper that will be a nightmare to remove, opt for inexpensive wall decals that can easily be detached when it’s time for a change.

You can also decorate the walls with pretty wall art printables. There are plenty of free printables online, or inexpensive options from sites such as Etsy. It’s easy to find a piece of wall art that will go perfectly with the theme and it makes a big statement as soon as you walk into the room.

Avoid dangerous bedding sets

Bedding sets may look nice, but they actually pose significant dangers to newborns. In fact, experts recommend you only use a well-fitting mattress and crib sheet. Everything else, including bumpers, sleep positioners, stuffed animals and comforters, increase the risk of injury or death by entrapment, strangulation and smothering. Keep things simple and help to protect your baby while they sleep.

Use storage as a decorative touch

When you are setting up your nursery, storage becomes essential. Canvas storage boxes are a great low price option and you can find them in all different shapes and sizes. Place them in your bookshelves to add a nice decorative touch, while keeping the contents covered up.

Go DIY crazy

DIY is a great way of saving money on your nursery, while giving it that nice personalized touch. My cousin made a really cute family tree using the family’s thumbprints on a tree printable template. I also love the idea of using a tree wall sticker and placing family portraits on the branches. There are lots of tutorials out there for beginners, so you can easily learn to make your own mobile or decorative garland. Use Pinterest for inspiration and think about how you can incorporate your theme.

Add a rug for a pop of color

A nursery rug is an easy and inexpensive way to add a nice pop of color to the room, while helping you to keep your floor clean. The good thing is that they also help to absorb sounds, so it’s a little easier to check on your baby without making too much noise. Large discount retailers tend to offer a great selection of rugs, so you’ll be sure to find something to suit your nursery without the hefty price tag.

Install creative shelving

Shelves are not just a practical storage solution, but they can also be used to add a nice decorative touch to the room. This great tutorial shows you how you can use bookshelves to display all of your cute baby books across a whole wall. You can also use shelves to display your baby toys, family portraits and heirlooms, while keeping them out of reach of your baby.

There are lots of ways you can get the nursery of your dreams, without having to spend a fortune. Buying second-hand goods is a great place to start and getting creative with DIY adds the perfect personal touch.

What tips do you have for saving money on your nursery?

Saskia Freelance Writer

Saskia is a freelance writer and creator of My Kind of Monday, a lifestyle blog about work, life, and how to make the best of both worlds. She hopes to help people find happiness in every aspect of life. Follow her on Twitter and check out her website for more.

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  1. Daisy says:

    These are good tips! We found a like-new glider at a consignment sale for $10! Avoiding Pinterest and decor magazines helps too.

    • I’m glad you liked the ideas, Daisy! What a steal that glider was. Ours was $100, but it was still less than half the price of a new one! I completely agree that you should stay away from Pinterest and magazines.

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