How to Save Money on Diapers Online and In-Stores

We have two daughters who both wear diapers, so it’s kind of a big deal for us to find a cheap way to buy them. With my first, I put her in cloth diapers at almost one month old. She was in those bad boys until 7 months when we had to move to my parents house while looking for a place to live.

I’ve done a combination of cloth and disposable with my second daughter, but if I had to make the choice right now I’d switch over to disposable in a second. But let’s not get all hung up on cloth diapers today. I want to talk about just disposable diapers for now. If you’d like to read an excellent cost comparison between cloth diapers and disposable diapers, click HERE.

I didn’t hear about “stockpiling” diapers until I was almost gonna pop out my first baby. I didn’t look into it because I’d already decided on cloth, but maybe with my third child I’ll think about doing that. THIS article is a very thorough resource if you are thinking about this method of saving.

Ok, so here’s what we’re really gonna talk about today. Not cloth diapers. Not stockpiling. Instead, I just wanted to compare diaper prices online and in-store for several brands and see what is cheapest and how you can save some money on diapers if you’re not a couponer, sales shopper, or stockpiler (is that even a word?).

My goal is to keep this post as short as possible, so let’s stop rambling and let’s start comparing!

Even if you don't coupon, you can still save money on diapers. Here are some great ways to save online and in-stores!© zoeytoja / Dollar Photo Club

A Cost Comparison of Diaper Brands

Throughout the month of July, I went to two different stores (Target and Walmart) and checked six different websites (,,,,, and for diaper prices. For consistency, I only compared size 2 diapers.

Most Expensive Brand goes to…

I was a bit surprised to see that the brand I thought was the most expensive actually was not. Huggies ($0.40 per diaper) and Seventh Generation ($0.34 per diaper) were both the most expensive online. In stores, Pampers ($0.28 per diaper) takes the #1 spot.

Least Expensive Brand goes to…

Strangely, Huggies was also a least expensive option ($0.20 per diaper) online, along with Kirkland Signature ($0.15 per diaper) and Luvs ($0.14 per diaper). In stores, Luvs ($0.17 per diaper) beat out the others for the least expensive position. However, there were generic brands that I didn’t compare just because they were not at every store. Those seemed to be the least expensive overall.

Formula for Comparing Diaper Prices

If you’ve never bought diapers, you should know that you will be overwhelmed the first time you go in the middle of the night (because you ran out – believe me, mommy brain is REAL) and you are already completely sleep-deprived. Ok, so we never did that, but I’ve heard stories…

Here’s the most simple formula:

Price of the diapers/Quantity of diapers = Cost per diaper

At Target, the price of the size 2 Pampers Swaddlers diapers was $24.99 for a box of 92 diapers.

$24.99/92=27 cents per diaper

On, the price of the size 2 Huggies Pure & Natural diapers was $31.99 for a box of 80 diapers.

$31.99/80=40 cents per diaper

You understand?

Great. So we’ve covered the most expensive, the cheapest, and how to compare prices. Now let’s discuss ways to save money on diapers without using coupons and shopping sales. I’m not against either method, I just don’t make time to do either one so I need a way to save that works for me.

How Can you Save on Diapers at Target?

Ways to Save Money on Diapers at Target.comI just recently discovered many ways that you can save on diapers at Target:

Examples of special offers I’ve seen on are: “Free $10 gift card”, “Save $10 on $40 store pickup order”, and “$20 gift card with purchase of 2”. These are actually really great deals and can go a long way when you are dealing with lots of stinkin’ expensive diapers!

I have never been a coupon person, but when I found out that you could stack coupons as well as price match at Target, I decided it might be worth a try. These are the two posts (HERE and HERE) that helped me immensely with this process.

How Can you Save on Diapers at

Ways to Save Money on Diapers at is full of plenty of ways to save, including:

Even if you aren’t signed up for any of the first three or can’t find a coupon, you can always get free shipping when you spend at least $35. Returns are often free as well (just check before you buy).

How Can You Save on Diapers at

Ways to Save Money on Diapers at Diapers.comYou can save on diapers through by using:

It’s also very nice that they have a return policy where you can return what you bought from them within a year and they will pay the shipping.

What about Walmart, Sams Club, and Costco?

To be honest, I’m not sure how you could save money buying diapers at any of these three stores. I’m sure there are ways, but I’m not privy to them. If you happen to know of a way to save for one of these stores (whether online or in-person), please comment below for the benefit of all readers.

Other Ways to Save on Diapers

Strange Way to Save on Diapers

Maybe this sounds strange to some, but you could always check on your local classifieds or craigslist for disposable diapers before you go out and buy them. There are people who have extra diapers they want to get rid of, especially people who have stockpiled their diapers. eBay even has some listings that I saw. Just make sure you’re smart before you buy a box of opened diapers. Check the sellers rating and how much shipping costs to see if it’s worth it.

One of the Best Ways to Save that I heard Through the Grapevine

From a little research on stockpiling, I found out that the best way to buy diapers is when they are at some of their lowest prices, and drug stores are the best place to find the lowest prices. However, if you are certain you only want to use a certain brand, you aren’t going to find that brand on sale as often as some of the generic brands. You can save even more on priced down diapers at the drug store if you coupon.

What to consider when buying diapers online:

  • You could end up spending way more time than you should looking for the best price and diaper
  • Shipping will either be free or kind of steep
  • Some websites change the prices on their diapers (and other stuff) often
  • If you want to return the diapers, it’s an extra hassle
  • There are often more ways to save than I mentioned for all the websites. Just type in promo codes on Google for such and such store and something should come up. Promo codes don’t always work, though.

So Where Should You Shop to Get the Best Price on Diapers?

Sadly, I think I’m a bit more confused now than I was before I started this whole cost comparison. I think if I was having a newborn baby anytime soon, I’d look more into or

I hope you got some useful information and you are ready to conquer the fierce competition that is diapers!

Do you know of other ways to save on diapers that I haven’t mentioned?

Disclaimer: I am not associated with any of the stores or brands in this post (except Amazon as an affiliate, but I didn’t use any affiliate links to send you over there).

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  1. Very informative Charlee! I hope it helps all the moms out there who are still diaper-shopping!
    Ana Lynn recently posted…Thought Of The Week: Mom vs MotherMy Profile

  2. Thanks so much for doing all of this research Charlee! I’ve used the Target giftcard promo before, but haven’t thought to look on their website for deals.
    Chelsea @ The Contented Wife recently posted…An Introduction to Hillbilly JiveMy Profile

  3. I had a huge stockpile of diapers when my guy was born but my biggest mistake was opening the packages before I needed them because he didn’t use a whole lot of the newborns and we had to get rid of soooo many in size 1. I sold a huge bag of them on craigslist but I wish I could’ve returned them instead! As far as pricing goes…I’m definitely a cheapster but there are certain things I just cant do- like Huggies and Kirkland brand. I’ve tried both but my son’s butt is too big and they leave marks on him. He’s a pampers boy and ugh, I have to fork up the big bucks for that big butt.
    Rebecca recently posted…The Truth About Toddlers: They’re WeirdMy Profile

    • That’s no bueno! Sorry you couldn’t return them, but I’m glad you are sharing what happened so other moms can avoid that mistake. I never strayed from Huggies until just a month ago, but I never had a problem with them. Hahahaha! It’s just baby chunks and rolls. He’ll grow out of it! (Hopefully 😉 )

  4. Thanks for posting this oh so needed article!! 🙂 I love stockpiling on diapers when they go on sale, but I hate the way my daughters room looks after shopping. Woof! Diapers everywhere! I will have to look into buying diapers from Amazon.
    Tiffany recently posted…Train Table ActivityMy Profile

    • You bet, Tiffany! I guess that would be a total downside to stockpiling, huh? We have a basement where we could put the diapers, but if you’re living in small quarters you gotta utilize all the space you have. I hope you can find a good deal through Amazon!

  5. Great post! I’ve been getting diapers from Amazon since 2012. Now I’ve got two in diapers and every bit saved helps!

    I’ve heard of people stockpiling (especially if they are expecting) but you have to be careful. You never know if baby will be sensitive to a certain brand. We went through quite a few before we found one that worked with #2. Plus, you never know how they will grow either-we are already up to size 4 with my 6 month old. His 3 year old sister wears a size 5!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with your own children, Kristina. I didn’t think of the sensitivity issue, but it’s really true. I don’t think anyone wants to be stuck with 5 packages of size 1 diapers because their child is very sensitive to that brand. I guess the best advice is to keep the receipt or make sure you can return them before you buy them. That is crazy your boy is already in size 4! My daughter is 7 months and she’s in size 3 and her 2 year old sis is in size 4.

  6. So informative Charlie … Diapers cost a bomb these days and as moms we have to make sure that we invest wisely in them as well..
    sangeetha menon recently posted…Finally! I Quit My Hefty Paying Job to Be a Full Time BloggerMy Profile

    • Yes, finding a way to save on diapers is not that hard, and you can put the money you saved towards more important things. Thanks for coming over, Sangeetha!

  7. This is great. I’m so glad to find a great side by side comparison of diapers and how to save money on them. Sharing this! Thank you for linking up with Frugal Friday. 🙂
    Sarah @ recently posted…Thrift Store Shopping TipsMy Profile

  8. OH I love this post! I haven’t announced it yet, but I will be needing to buy diapers soon. 🙂

    With my kids I usually bought store-brand diapers and store-brand wipes, until my son developed an allergy and we had to switch. The costs can be ridiculous, but I’ve heard of people saving a lot of money. This post is invaluable!

    Thank you for linking up with the SHINE Blog Hop this past week 🙂
    Sarah recently posted…What This School Year Means For UsMy Profile


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