How to Create Your Own Birth Announcements to Save Money

Just as you bring your tiny bundle of joy home from the hospital, you might remember that you still have to get newborn pictures taken as well as find the perfect birth announcement to share the wonderful news with everyone. And neither of those expenses are cheap. Even with a coupon from one of the big… Keep reading →

Must-Take Pictures of Your Kids This Fall

The year our first daughter was born, I could not wait to take pictures of her when autumn rolled around. She was just about 3 months old when the leaves started to change colors and Halloween was coming. My sister-in-law and I were trying to start a photography business together, so we used her as… Keep reading →

How to Remove a Distracting Background from Almost Any Picture

Have you ever taken a picture and thought it was just perfect until you looked at it on your computer and saw something in the background that ruined it? I’ve got plenty of pictures like that, but if I really want to keep them, I turn to the clone tool while editing so I don’t… Keep reading →

5 Edits that Take Less than 2 Minutes per Picture

When I was a teenager, my dad had Adobe Photoshop on his computer, and I could spend hours on that program trying things out. I would change lips to blue and turn the picture into a painting. But I don’t have the luxury of spending hours upon hours on the computer to edit pictures anymore…. Keep reading →

Create a Cheap Photo Gift in Less Than 20 Minutes with PicMonkey

Since my daughters are still so young, I have yet to receive a real gift from them for Mother’s Day. I truly don’t mind because most gifts just add clutter. So this year I’m in Grandmother’s Day thinking mode, and I wanted to come up with a really beautiful gift for both grandmas without spending… Keep reading →

Weekly Baby Photo Collages in PicMonkey

The 2nd post I wrote on this blog was about taking and editing weekly baby pictures. At the time, I was still really great about taking those pictures of my sweet Bella week after week (even without a reminder). Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links (I’ve put a * by any link that is an… Keep reading →

Pictures to Take While Your Baby’s in the NICU

Today I’m hanging out with Chelsea from Mommie & Wee! You might remember her from when she guest posted over here about the 3 Super Easy Steps for a Rockin’ Bod. Show her some love today! She was so kind to reciprocate and let me spend time talking to her fans for a day! Here’s a… Keep reading →

Turn Your Kids into Spooky Lil’ Things with PicMonkey

It’s the first day of the scariest month of the year! I’m not a huge fan of all the creepy, spooky stuff surrounding Halloween, but I do love candy! Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links (I’ve put a * by any link that is an affiliate link). If you click on one of these links and… Keep reading →

DIY School Pictures Photo Challenge

Sadly, I didn’t receive any pictures from the photo challenge I posted about a few weeks ago. Yay!! I’ve got a few DIY School Pictures to share with you. They are below the ones I took. If you still wanted to email me yours (or add them to my flickr group) I would be happy to… Keep reading →

How to Edit Your School Pictures in PicMonkey

In case you missed my post on DIY School Pictures last week, here’s a little plug for our challenge. I want you to take your own picture of your child for their school picture and submit them to me so I can post them and show everyone your beautiful photographic skills. Upload your before and… Keep reading →

DIY School Pictures

Every school year it was the same old thing: get all spiffified for what-you-KNOW-will-be-horrendous school pictures. I have a gamut of ugly school pictures, all because I was completely flustered and intimidated by sitting in front of a camera where the person behind the camera is a complete stranger, and I know that I only… Keep reading →

How to Make a Body Parts Book for Your Child

My 23 month old (today!), Sofía, absolutely loves singing. It was just in the past month that she even started singing, and she has been singing all.the.time. It’s really adorable, but there are moments when I won’t be singing along, so she will start screaming the song to get my attention so I will sing… Keep reading →

Tips for Taking Better Weekly Baby Pictures

It’s important to be intentional about taking pictures of our kids because time just flies! For both of my daughters I would take weekly baby pictures. This was a great thing because it helped me see how much they were growing and I was able to use all those clothes for something other than special… Keep reading →