If You Love Your Kids, Let Them Go

Are you ready to send your child off to college? Or maybe just preschool? Whatever phase of life your child is entering, let them go. My parents did a great job of this when they dropped me off at my first year of college. I had taken a year off after high school to work… Keep reading →

How to Gain Some Sense of Control While Flying with Young Kids

Before having kids, I was one of those people who couldn’t believe parents who “let” their kids: cry, kick the seat in front of them, scream, run around, eat candy and snacks whenever, and walk in front of people. I also was appalled by the little backpack leash that looked like the kid was a… Keep reading →

11 Tips to Help You Through a Wedding with Young Children

Last weekend, we flew out to Portland, Oregon for my brother-in-law’s wedding. I was so worried about the flight there, that I didn’t really think about preparing for the wedding part as well as I should have. On top of that, my husband was asked to be the DJ, so he wasn’t really around to… Keep reading →

How to Find a Morning Routine that Works for Your Family

The past few days, our entire routine was thrown off balance and into orbit! We were in Portland for my brother-in-law’s wedding, and we had no choice but to go with the flow of everything happening around us. Naps were almost foregone, snack time was hit and miss, and we had far too many late… Keep reading →

How My Daughter FINALLY Started Drinking Cow’s Milk

It was one year ago that I weaned my daughter. She had just turned one, and I was three months pregnant with baby #2. I didn’t really have a plan for getting her to drink cow’s milk, though, which is why I want to share this with you. Before you quit breastfeeding your baby, have… Keep reading →

Transitioning Your Child to a Toddler Bed

If we hadn’t had our daughters so close in age and we had three bedrooms on the top floor of our house, I know I would still be putting our 1-year-old in her crib. But because our daughters are just 18 months apart and our upstairs only has two bedrooms, we decided to transition our… Keep reading →

Diaper Bag Lists – Free Printable!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left the house in a hurry only to realize I forgot something important in the diaper bag. Last Summer, Sofía turned a year old. When we would go places, we rarely needed to change her clothes from a blowout or spit up anymore. One Saturday afternoon, we were out… Keep reading →

9 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery

Imagine being sick and going into labor. Now, add on top of that a sick husband and child. Yep, that happened to me with my second child. All the hype a baby normally brings quickly faded, because we had to deal with, well, being sick. It was my husband and daughter, Sofía, who got sick… Keep reading →

The BEST Homemade Baby Food Resources

Baby food comes in many different forms from the store, so it’s refreshing to know that you can make your own. But where do you start? That’s what I would like to share with you below. I have personally used many different baby food resources including books and websites, and I will share with you… Keep reading →

How to Survive Night-Time Feedings

One of the most difficult parts of caring for a newborn is the night-time feedings. You have to sacrifice precious sleep and get out of the comfort of your incredibly warm bed to feed your baby. I was a mess with both of my daughters. I would wake up in the morning in some awkward… Keep reading →