Preparing to Write a Will

A few months ago, I mentioned that we don’t have a will. I wish I could tell you today that we finally got down to business and wrote one. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it still hasn’t happened. I promise that after we come back from our small trip this weekend, I will get… Keep reading →

Volunteering for The Festival of Trees When You Have Young Kids

The Festival of Trees in Salt Lake City is a perfect event for a family of any size to help with. We have two young children this year, but we plan to do what we can to serve since it helps so many children who are at Primary Children’s Hospital. Our firstborn was a NICU… Keep reading →

Cost Comparison: Breads

Who here wants a nice slice of warm homemade bread smothered with fresh butter and jam? I know I do. Who wouldn’t? It’s amazing to me that less than 100 years ago, eating fresh like this was the norm. Now it’s so common to buy bread, jam, and butter (or margarine) that we get super… Keep reading →

Toddler Bedding Sets for Girls

Sofía turns 2-YEARS-old next month! Yikes! Time has definitely slipped away. We want to keep her birthday pretty simple, so we won’t be having a birthday party. Instead, we’re going to the zoo as a family. We don’t believe that gifts are super important, especially at her age, so we’d rather spend time with her…. Keep reading →

Leftover Ingredients: Blueberries

When I was planning the itinerary for our vacation to Seattle last August, I wanted to make time to go berry picking with our 13-month-old.  In my search for a berry-picking farm, I came across numerous farms in both Oregon and Washington, but I settled on a few in Washington since we wanted to see… Keep reading →

Clever and Cheap Anniversary Gift Idea

An anniversary is such a special time to show your spouse how much you care, but it can get really expensive. My husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary this year, but I decided to go the cheap and simple route. I made his gift, and it was just as special, if not more… Keep reading →

Cost Comparison: Pantries

I have a passion for numbers and money, so what better degree to get than finance? I thought about an accounting degree, but the extra time to get the degree turned me off and finance sounded cooler anyways. 🙂 So I got my degree in finance, but now I’m a stay-at-home mom and not really using any… Keep reading →

The Purpose of a Will

It’s high time my husband and I put together a will. I think I’ve said I was going to write one over a dozen times, but I’ve never taken the time to actually do it. I know it’s majorly important if one or both of us dies, but it’s just a matter of actually sitting… Keep reading →

Leftover Ingredients: Red Cabbage

Before two months ago, I had never bought red cabbage. So why did I suddenly decide to buy it? I found a recipe that sounded yummy. Even though I knew I would only use a small amount of the entire cabbage, I bought it anyways. After I made the recipe, and the cabbage sat in… Keep reading →

A Fruity Mother’s Day Brunch

I became a mother nearly two years ago, and what an overwhelming title being a ‘Mommy’ is! Since then, I’ve been pregnant again (I know, right!) and already gave birth to the second one. Both times my beautiful babies were placed in my arms for the very first time, I was so humbled to know I… Keep reading →