How to Improve Your Credit Score

This post is brought to you by Credit Sesame. All opinions are my own. Establishing credit can be difficult at first, but, once you get past that, you should be free sailing your way to a great credit score! Actually, there’s much more to it than that. It takes a lot of good money habits to… Keep reading →

4 Steps to Creating Lasting Change on Your Finances

You guys know I love numbers. I actually get excited to do cost comparisons. How nerdy is that, seriously? But I have made plenty of financial mistakes lately, and each one has made this ripple effect that has ultimately led our family finances to the point they are at now: painfully weak. Before I go deeper… Keep reading →

Reasons to Be Thrifty

Throughout our marriage we’ve had times of abundance and times of scarcity. During the periods of abundance, we spent more money because we had more money. And since we didn’t have a great handle on our situation, we ended up with less money than we should have. If we had chosen to be really thrifty… Keep reading →

How to Save Money at Target

In the great debate of Target vs Walmart, I believe it all comes down to preference. For the longest time, though, I was shopping at Walmart because I believed I couldn’t afford to shop at Target. Now that I know how to save money at Target, you’d be hard pressed to find me at Walmart…. Keep reading →

When Saving Money Becomes a Burden

When we first went from two incomes down to one after Sofía was born, I sort of played the “we can’t save money” game. Looking back, had I decided that we should put X amount away each paycheck, we would’ve been in a better position. It also shouldn’t have been that hard to do a few spending… Keep reading →

How to Inspect a Car Like a Mechanic to Save Money

My first car was such a breath of fresh air. When I bought it I was 18, a senior in high school, and had my first job. The reasons why this car was such a highlight in my life were as follows: I still took the bus to school. Loser (cough). I drove my dad’s… Keep reading →

7 Ways to Save Thousands on Big Ticket Items

In one of my most boring finance classes in college, I actually learned something valuable that can be applied to anyone’s life. The concept was for a business, but it can be translated to this: Invest in large items that will benefit your family or it’s just not worth it. You can’t buy frivolous items that are just… Keep reading →

How to Make the Most of Bonus Money

In the past, when we’ve received “extra” money from one of our jobs, I wasn’t super strategic about how we used it. This would be my 7th mistake as our family’s finance manager. The extra money I speak of came in the form of a bonus or third paycheck (as opposed to the normal two… Keep reading →

The Easiest Way to Save for a Rainy Day

My husband switched jobs and got a drastic pay-cut back in June, so we have basically been doing a spending freeze since then. It’s been pretty strict, and I don’t do nearly as much online browsing as I used to do. Sigh. I guess it’s for the better of our financial situation.   © cristovao31… Keep reading →

The Purpose of Reconciling Your Accounts

Some people enjoy financial automation. They set up automatic billing and direct deposit through their bank, they connect their bank accounts to mint or some other personal finance management service, and they let their money do what it needs to do. I might be old-fashioned, but I don’t like the idea of automation. I am… Keep reading →

14 Wicked Awesome Ways to Simplify Your Budget

“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.” -Henry David Thoreau, Walden Mistake #4 – Overcomplicating the Budget At the end of December last year, I thought it would be a good idea to download a new budget spreadsheet to try for the new year. I liked the spreadsheet I used at the time,… Keep reading →

20 Reasons to Avoid Credit Cards

Can I tell you a little secret? Very few people know about this, so consider yourself privileged. 😉 Our Debt Secret Only two months into our marriage, we had to sell my husband’s car for TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS less than what he owed on it in order to get out of paying 18% interest on… Keep reading →

Do I Really NEED That?

When it comes to spending habits, I’m somewhat a blend of both of my parents. My mom is a spender, my dad is a saver. I tend to lean more towards the saver and sometimes I border on being cheap, but in the last little while I’ve been an all-out spender, my second mistake as… Keep reading →

Our Budget Was Put On the Backburner, and Now I’m Gonna Revive It

Call me strange, but I love spreadsheets. And numbers. How I love solving algebraic equations and calculating how much I spent on everything from baby food and bread to diapers and pantries. Budgeting used to be a hobby for me. Yes, a hobby! Then why am I having a hard time finding time for our… Keep reading →

My Struggles as the Family Finance Manager

I grew up in a house where my dad handled the finances…diligently. I married a man who, for one reason or another, hates the thought of looking money square in the eye. He loves throwing it around and wasting it, but he doesn’t like to face the music and see how much, exactly, he spent…. Keep reading →