Basic Photo Organization: Monthly Folders

(this post has been updated in July 2016)

Truth be told, I’m not the most organized person. And I’m really disorganized with my digital photos. It’s about time I started organizing all my pictures on my computer. I’ve put it off for much too long!

I’m starting fresh, and the posts in this series will be proof that I am making progress.

Need a little push to get your digital photos organized? Follow along and your pictures will be organized before you know it!Ever since I received my first digital camera in 2007, I have been taking pictures of everything. When I got married in 2008, my husband was the same way. Needless to say, we have thousands of pictures from 2007 until now!

I was thinking that it was my kids that made it difficult to make time to organize my pictures, but I guess I can’t blame my children this time. I procrastinated this photo organization long before they ever existed.

A Challenge to Organize All the Pictures on Your Computer

I thought I would start off very easy, since I have a TON to get done. Hopefully, you too, can join me in this series to resolve to get your pictures organized. Unless you are completely organized already, in which case, why aren’t you the one writing this post? 😉

To start this photo organization project, I will be making folders for each year and then monthly folders within each year. My first task is getting each picture put into the correct folder. That should be pretty doable.

I set aside one hour of my time last week to start working on this huge project. In that hour, I was able to make 12 sub-folders in the 2008 folder (don’t ask me why I didn’t start with 2007!) for each month and then put each picture into the correct month.

Find the Date a Picture Was Taken

If you have no clue where to find the date the picture was taken, take a look below.

Basic Photo Organization Challenge: Folders by DateWhen you click on one of your pictures, look at the bottom of the folder to find the date the picture was taken and any tags (people in the photo).

Sometimes, you may run across a picture that has no date.

Basic Photo Organization Challenge: Folders by Date

The example above shows a picture without a date. The reason for this is that I edited the picture in Photoshop. If I had known then to add the date when I finished editing it, I would have. Since I don’t know the exact date of the picture, I just guessed when it was taken (May 2008) and put it into that folder.

Making Time to Organize Your Photos

The biggest challenge for a big project like this is finding the time to do it. Instead of trying to do it all at once, I’ve decided to just spend 1 hour each week on my computer. Even with 2 kids, a husband, and this blog, that is very doable for me. I have set aside time on Sunday afternoons when both of my girls are taking a nap and it makes it all the easier.

Will you join me in this monthly challenge? I hope I’m not the only one out there with messy folders on my computer!

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  1. chels says:

    Whoa, huge project is right! That would have bothered me back in 2007! When I transfer pics from camera to computer the default is for monthly folders. Check settings? I like to do specific event sub-folders in each month but am behind in that. My MIL has unorganized pics and I’ve tried helping her in the past with this daunting task. Good luck!

    • Thanks! Isn’t it strange that my folders are so terribly unorganized? You should have let me in on your secret back when I got my camera! I have tried to do the monthly folder setting on my camera, but I don’t think it exists. I think it’s more like daily.


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