Breastfeeding Sample Schedules for 7 Months to 1 Year

Before you read this, please understand, I am NOT trying to persuade anyone to schedule their breastfeedings. I am giving this information for anyone who WANTS to breastfeed on a schedule. What I do in breastfeeding and what you do in breastfeeding might be two entirely different things, and that is okay.  I’ve provided this to… Keep reading →

How I Fill My Freezer Without Doing Any Freezer Cooking Days

I bet you know at least a couple people or more who do freezer cooking days once or twice a month. They do this to save both time and money in the future, and it pays off for the most part. But what about those of us who don’t have a big chest freezer? I… Keep reading →

9 Things That Can Help You to Improve and Intentionally Change

I was gung-ho the minute 2014 rolled around to start working on myself. Two seconds later I dropped off that cliff and plateaued. Then something amazing happened Easter weekend. Actually a series of events happened before that, but I didn’t do anything about it until Easter. I got the creative juices flowing for my blog…. Keep reading →

Kids and Food: Eat Your Veggies

Parents tend to say the same thing about their kids when it comes to food: “My kids are terrible eaters. They won’t even touch their broccoli.” Besides the fact that many kids don’t eat all their dinner (which I attribute to not having a strict snacking schedule), they just won’t eat their veggies. Why is… Keep reading →

How to Make Rutabaga {or Swede} Puree for Baby

I am a big believer in feeding babies variety. My little Bella turns 1 soon, and she will have tried 50+ foods by that time. Rutabaga is just one of them. Before doing a feeding schedule for introducing new foods to Bella, I had no idea what a rutabaga was. I had seen them at… Keep reading →

How to Start a Pantry Staples List to Save Money

There are so many ways to save money on your groceries each month, but one of the most effective is by having pantry staples on hand. Pantry staples are the ingredients or food you have in your pantry, fridge, and freezer that make it possible for you to make a meal on the fly. These… Keep reading →

7 Ways to Save Thousands on Big Ticket Items

In one of my most boring finance classes in college, I actually learned something valuable that can be applied to anyone’s life. The concept was for a business, but it can be translated to this: Invest in large items that will benefit your family or it’s just not worth it. You can’t buy frivolous items that are just… Keep reading →

Solids Feeding Schedule: Month 5 Update

If you are just joining us, this is the 5th month update of feeding my baby homemade baby food. Each update I have given you the details of what foods I introduced to my baby (Bella) during the previous month. Pssst! You can see all my homemade baby food posts right here. Bella is exuding… Keep reading →

Review of “This is My Life” 2015 Planner

I was not paid to write this post. I received a product to review, and I will only review products that could benefit my readers. The opinions in this post are completely my own based on my experience. I was recently given the opportunity to review This is My Life Planner, a beautiful 2015 day planner from Melissa… Keep reading →

4 Tips for Meshing Christmas Traditions

This is our 7th Christmas as a married couple. We both come from completely different cultures and lifestyles, so our Christmas traditions couldn’t be further apart, but we’ve thoroughly enjoyed every Christmas season together. César comes from the southern hemisphere where Christmas is in Summer. That means his Christmas was more like our Independence Day… Keep reading →